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DateRFDatabase Activities (site modification and youtube), and RF Online CCR Global News
19-07-2024– Added Shield
26-06-2024– Black Dragon Part 2 updated (Black Dragon Armor [Upper and Lower])
19-06-2024– RF Online Wiki launched
01-04-2024– Added Armors and Mount
04-03-2024RFDB in Last RF Online Official Server:
– RF Online new update - Black Dragon (youtube)
– Leveling Progress to MAX 75 (youtube)
04-02-2024RFDB in Youtube :
– Razorback - Empire Accretia (youtube)
– RF Online New Feature: Collection Backpack (youtube)
29-12-2023RFDatabase in Youtube :
– Last 30 Minutes - RF Online Indonesia service shutdown (youtube)
– Sayonara Origin (youtube)
Notice– RF Online Philippines (RF PlayPark) service shutdown on 31 January 2024. (RF PlayPark Sunset)
Notice– RF Online Indonesia (RF Remastered) service shutdown on 29 December 2023. (Penutupan Layanan RF Online Indonesia)
23-12-2023– We decided to bring screenshot tab to front in every item pages because Google suggestions.
Notice– RF Online Korea (RF CCR Play) service shutdown on 27 September 2023. ( RF온라인 μ„œλΉ„μŠ€ μ’…λ£Œ μ•ˆλ‚΄ )
Notice– RF Online USA (RF RedFox) service shutdown on 21 February 2023. ( RF Sunset )
24-08-2023RFDatabase in RF Online Remastered
- Upgrade Eps 2: Durable Tiger Skin ((youtube)
- Upgrade Eps 2.15: Tiger Head and Red Eyed Tiger Skin (youtube)
- Upgrade Eps Craft Together Tiger Head and Cape with Bellato server Origin (youtube)
- Upgrade Eps 2.2.4: Return of The Ledug Man (youtube)
- Upgrade Eps 2 Finale: Red-Eyes Tiger Head and Red-Eyed Permanent Knife (youtube)
31-07-2023– Enhanced weapon tables to improve page load speed
20-07-2023– Added Ancient Accessories and popular accessories in Accessories page
28-05-2023– Added Rare M Weapons based on Dragonborn update.
28-05-2023– All 57 - 75 Weapons has been updated to latest RF Official patches (Ataraxia’s Arrival / Baalzebub Update)
23-05-2023– Web server moved to singapore location to improve web speed for Southeast-asian RF Players⚑⚑⚑
15-05-2023– Ataraxia’s Arrival (Baalzebub Update)
14-04-2023– All Weapon and Shield Tool Kit craft recipes has been updated to latest RF Online Remastered, PlayPark patches.
31-03-2023– RFDatabase (Cora) Leveling Animus Isis from 64 to 65 (youtube.com/@rfdatabase)
30-03-2023– RFDatabase (Cora) Leveling Animus Isis from 63 to 64 (youtube.com/@rfdatabase)
24-03-2023– RFDatabase play in RF Online Remastered server PVP (youtube.com/@rfdatabase)
28-01-2023– Added Elementals Hora Dark Hall (Elemental HDH)
18-01-2023– Added Elementals Ring and Amulet Upgrade Success Rate.
06-01-2023– Added Accessories and Normal Elementals: Ring and Amulet.
16-12-2022– All broken links in sound page fixed.
– Image site moved to singapore server to improve speed.
02-12-2022– All type of Weapons added.
17-07-2022:– Added Talic Upgrader, and Upgrader Simulation
15-07-2022:– Added Leon's Weapon, Leon's Weapon Combination, and Convert Leon Weapon into C weapon.
02-07-2022:– Added all Sound
27-06-2022:– Added Sound Ambience, BGM, Bullet
15-10-2020:– Added normal weapon from normal, A, Rare B / Intense, C, and Rare D (1-75)
15-10-2020:– Added normal weapon pages
10-07-2020:– Added ammo cash based Golden Mystery Update with Updated icon.
10-07-2020:– Fixed table ammo database
03-07-2020:– Added list of weapon and shield craft recipe database based Age of Patron database
22-06-2020:– Added ammo database based Golden Mastery update
18-06-2020:– Site launch.
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