RF Online Database

17-07-2022:– Added Talic Upgrader, and Upgrader Simulation
15-07-2022:– Added Leon's Weapon, Leon's Weapon Combination, and Convert Leon Weapon into C weapon.
02-07-2022:– Added all Sound
27-06-2022:– Added Sound Ambience, BGM, Bullet
15-10-2020:– Added normal weapon from normal, A, Rare B / Intense, C, and Rare D (1-75)
15-10-2020:– Added normal weapon pages
10-07-2020:– Added ammo cash based Golden Mystery Update with Updated icon.
10-07-2020:– Fixed table ammo database
03-07-2020:– Added list of weapon and shield craft recipe database based Age of Patron database
22-06-2020:– Added ammo database based Golden Mastery update
18-06-2020:– Site launch.