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Hora BaalHamon’s Ring

Required Level: 1
Type : Ring
Race : Accretia, Bellato, and Cora
Special Effects (Accretia) : Increase 30% increase of all attack
25 Increase damage avoidance increase
Special Effects (Bellato and Cora) : Increase 25% increase of all attack
20 Increase damage avoidance increase
Element (Accretia) : Fire 2, Water 2, Earth 2, Wind 2
Element (Bellato) : None
Element (Cora) : None

Max HP. 15% Increase
Increase 20% Increase of all attack

Trade : Possibility
Crest of force smelted for Baalmon itself, made with the most powerful broken pieces from [Ring of La Mantulas]. It is adornmented with crest of control which controls the other crests.

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