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KnightWalker Earring (R-type)

Required Level1
RaceCora Alliance
Special EffectsIncrease 25% Increase of all attack
20 Increase damage avoidance increase
ElementFire 4, Water 4, Earth 4, Wind 4

Defense Ability 30% Increase
20 Increase Damage Avoidance Increase
All Resistance 20 Increase
Delay of Skill Attack is 0.02 Increase(Sec)
Increase 10% Increase of all attack
Max HP/FP 10% Increase


An amulet of Knight Walker, the Guardians of Perdion Laboratory. The amulet is carved with the Knight Walker’s logo. Can be exchanged with Lv. 50 or 55 Knight Walker Amulet by compound.

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No monster drop this item.
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