RF Online – Armor

Armors menu can be accessed by open the inventory, click i on the keyboard. Armors consists Helmet, Upper, Lower, Gloves, and Shoes.

List of all Armor on RF Online:

1. Normal, Rare C, Rare D and Superior Armors
2. Archon Armors
3. Ancient Armors (Daidalos, PALMAS, Knightwalker)
4. Level 50, Level 55 and Level 65
5. Patron Armors
6. Baalzebub Armors
7. White Dragonbone Armors
8. Infernal Dragonborn [Rare M] Armors

Events Armors:

1. Golden and Saint Golden Armors
2. Elite Racial Helmet and Wings
3. Event Armors, Event Helmet
4. Snowman Hat and Tree Cloak
5. Black Tiger Head and Black Tiger Cape
Only released in RF Online CCR Play and RF Online|CCR原廠直營
6. Halloween Hat and Halloween Cape
Only released in RF Online|CCR原廠直營 – RF Online Taiwan, Hongkong, Macau
7. Black Dragon Armors
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