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Decem’s Unity Boots

Required Level60
RaceCora Alliance
Required SkillRangedSkill GM
DurabilityNo limitation
Avg. Def. Pwr.2483
Avg. Def. Range5.00
Defense Success Rate425
ElementFire 4, Water 4, Earth 4, Wind 4
Special EffectsMoving speed 0.17 Increase

Increase 35% Increase of all attack
40 Increase damage avoidance increase
moving speed 1.00 Increase.
Accuracy rate 40 Increase
Range 30 Increase
Delay of skill attack is 1.00 Increase(sec)


Mighty Armor for the leaders of the race. It possesses the spirit of the hero that brings victory to the race.

Trade to PlayerSell to NPCDrop to groundStore to bank
NoYes No Yes

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You can also upgrade this shoes with:
Mercy Talic [to increases dodge rate] =>
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