Cash Shop

Time needed:ย 5 minutes.

How to purchase a cash shop item on Cash Shop on RF Online

  1. Cash Shop can be accessible from this RF Online user interface.

    You can find cash shop menu on RF online located on the right side of Skills menu and Settings. Left click on the menu

  2. Cash Shop window open up

    and then Cash Shop window will open up, you can purchase anything from there with real money. (you should top up first from your game publisher with real money to get some cash on RF Online)

  3. Choose Ammo Menu

    For example we want to buy Projectils / Ammo on cash shop, point your mouse cursor into the “all” scrollbar and then you can find Projectils / Ammo menu.

  4. Purchase an Ammo

    hover your mouse to the item you want to buy, then left click

  5. Purchase an Ammo step 2

    Item purchase window open up and then click buy now to buy the ammo.

List of all Cash Shop Items on RF Online

ImageItem NameQuantityObtained From
Mega Nuclear Rocket10000cash shop
Mega Electric Rocket10000cash shop
mega cross rocketMega Cross Rocket10000cash shop
Mega Venom Rocket10000cash shop
Mega Cyclone Rocket10000cash shop
Mega Liquid Fuel10000cash shop
Mega Ice Liquid Fuel10000cash shop
Mega Poison Liquid Fuel10000cash shop
Mega Mineral Liquid Fuel10000cash shop
Mega Flash Rocket10000cash shop
Mega Point Rocket10000cash shop
Mega Ceramic Rocket10000cash shop
Slim Acid Grenade5000cash shop
Slim Peaklin Grenade5000cash shop
Slim Smog Grenade5000cash shop
Slim Shock Wave5000cash shop
Slim Mental Break5000cash shop
Slim Stun Grenade5000cash shop
Slim Acid Shower5000cash shop
Slim Breaking Strength5000cash shop
Slim Microrom Gas5000cash shop
Slim Resist Break5000cash shop
Slim Limited Force5000cash shop
Slim Impact Explosion5000cash shop
Slim Flash Wave5000cash shop
Slim Holding Web5000cash shop
Slim Virus Inject5000cash shop
Slim Mind Control5000cash shop
Slim Cure Grenade5000cash shop
Slim Healing Grenade5000cash shop
Mineral Exploding Vulcan Magazine10000cash shop
Poison Exploding Vulcan Magazine10000cash shop
Ice Exploding Vulcan Magazine10000cash shop
Fire Exploding Vulcan Magazine10000cash shop
Ceramic Exploding Vulcan10000cash shop
Mineral Advanced Beam Cell10000cash shop
Poison Advanced Beam Cell10000cash shop
Ice Advanced Beam Cell10000cash shop
Fire Advanced Beam Cell10000cash shop
Ceramic Advanced Beam Cell10000cash shop
Mega Exploding Vulcan Magazine10000cash shop
Mega Ice Magazine10000cash shop
Mega Exploding Magazine10000cash shop
Mega Venom Magazine10000cash shop
Mega Energy Magazine10000cash shop
Mega Mineral Magazine10000cash shop
Mega Advanced Beam Cell10000cash shop
Mega Exploding Bolt10000cash shop
Mega Mineral Bolt10000cash shop
Mega Poison Bolt10000cash shop
Mega Ice Bolt10000cash shop
Mega Fire Bolt10000cash shop
Mega Exploding Arrow10000cash shop
Mega Mineral Arrow10000cash shop
Mega Poison Arrow10000cash shop
Mega Ice Arrow10000cash shop
Mega Fire Arrow10000cash shop
Superior Lucky Box 1cash shop
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