Booster / Jetpack / Cape

Booster/jetpack can be manually combined like Panzer Pligel, Force Booster, Ether Wing with jetpack combination.

But mostly booster can only be acquired from events.

List of all Booster / Jetpack in RF Online:

1. Regular Jetpack / Booster
2. Speciality Booster: Anti-Curse Booster, Aiming Booster, Blood Booster, Build-up Booster
3. Quest and Gold Booster
4. White Dragonbone Wings
5. Infernal Dragonborn [Rare M] Wings

Event Booster / Cape / Wings:

1. Glory Booster and Gutsy Booster
2. The Prototype Wing
3. Elite Racial Wings and Helmet
4. Santa and Snowflake Santa Cape
5. Primarch Cape, Adeptus Cape, Inquisitor Cape
6. Tree Cloak and Snowman Hat
7. Black Tiger Cape and Black Tiger Head
New released in RF Online|CCR原廠直營 – RF Online Taiwan, Hongkong, Macau
8. Halloween Cloak and Halloween Hat
9. Mid-Autumn Festival commemorative
10. Black Dragon Wings

Check all jetpack / booster here:

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