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Durable Blue-Eyed Black Tiger Skin [Defensive Type]

Required Level40
RaceAccretia Empire
Required SkillNone
DurabilityNo limitation
Avg. Def. Pwr.1730
Avg. Def. Range0.00
Special EffectsDefense ability by 37% Increase
Movement Speed 1.00 Increase
31% Decrease of receiving critical attack
Max HP/FP 22% Increase

Blue Tiger HeadBlue Tiger Cape

Increase 5% Increase of all attack
Max HP/FP 6% Increase


This is a cloak made with the energy of a brave black tiger to celebrate the Year of the Black Tiger.

[Red-Eyed Black Tiger]
- Blue-Eyed Black Tiger Item x 2

=Red-Eyes Black Tiger Cloak + Red-Eyes Black Tiger Right Fang
- When combining 2 Blue-Eyes Black Tiger items with a hero NPC, you can exchange them for a Red-Eyes Black Tiger item.

[Set Effect]
A set effect is granted when worn with [Blue-Eyes Black Tiger] or [Red-Eyes Black Tiger] items.

Trade to PlayerSell to NPCDrop to groundStore to bank
YesYes Yes Yes

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