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Elemental Accesory Upgrading

In this post, we would like to learn how to Upgrade Elemental on RF Online.

First, you already have one of three types of Elemental :

  1. Full Attack (Ring / Amulet)
  2. Attack and Avoid (Ring / Amulet)
  3. Attack and Defense

and the combination recipe is:

Time needed: 5 minutes.

In this tutorial, We want to upgrade Elemental Spirit Wristlet which have option Attack 10% and Avoid 5.
We need the combinations material :
– 1 Elemental Accessory
– 5 pcs of T3 High Gems (Fire Ruby / Ice Crystal / Poison Topaz / Wind Obsidian)
– 5 pcs of T3 High Gems (Fire Ruby / Ice Crystal / Poison Topaz / Wind Obsidian)
– 5 pcs of Ignorant / Keen Talics and
– 5 pcs of Mercy Talics
with the steps :

  1. Go to HERO NPC

    Go back to your race HQ (Accretia HQ or Bellato HQ or Cora HQ) and then meet and talk to HERO NPC.

  2. Click Item Combination

    Click Item Combination menu on HERO dialog and then a new popup item combination appear

  3. Fill-in Combination Materials

    Put your 1 elemental, 5 pcs of T3 high gems, 5 pcs of T3 high gems again, and 5 Ignorant talic with 5 Mercy talic.

  4. Click the Triangle combination on the center of Item Combiner

    Click the triangle combination button on the center of Item Combiner to start combine. Don’t forget, this process is push your luck, you can get better elementals or one of your item is destroyed (your main elemental can be destroyed too 😫). Click Ok button and Good luck! 💪

  5. Tadaaa !!

    If your combination is successful, you will get a result like this. Click OK to save your item to inventory!rf database elemental upgrade

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