List of all guide of RF Online

  1. Excelsiors Combination

    Excelsiors are booties that lets you make Type C (Orange) weapons and Elite force reavers.

  2. Weapon Combination

    Type B weapon can be combined with type A weapon into Type C Weapon with combination formula.

  3. Force Elite Combination

    You can make elite force reaver with force reaver combination recipe

  4. Booty Decomposition

    Booties below can be broken down using the Hammer Catalyst sold in Tools NPC.

  5. Ability Extraction

    This allows you to extract abilities from Type A (Purple) weapon and shield.

  6. Purple Ability Combination

    This allows you to make Type A (Purple) weapon and shield.

  7. Proof Of Warrior Combination

    Combine 7 Proof of Warrior and you’ll get a Gift box of which you can either get 99 +4 Ores, Type D/E Pills or Elan Plateau Scroll. There’s also a very small chance of getting a jetpack.

  8. Jetpack Combination

    These special accessories worn in the cape slot of the equipment menu not only allows the characters upgraded movement, but also additional bonus that range from critical protection to various elemental protection.

  9. Leon’s Weapon

    These are special weapons that has several additional abilities.

  10. Elemental Accesory Upgrading

    Only elemental accessories with attack/defense/dodge can be upgraded.

  11. Upgraders

    Upgraders are used to upgrade weapons and armors without the use of upgrading tool.

  12. Socket Extender

    Sockets can only be added from with weapons and armors who have existing slot from 1-6.

  13. Type C Armors

    Type C armor is a combination of Type B (yellow) and Type A (purple) armors