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Hero gold box

TypeBox Item


Box with vary gold capsule

Trade to PlayerSell to NPCDrop to groundStore to bank
YesYes No No

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ImageItem NameQuantityChance
Gold Capsule+119%
Gold Capsule+218.92%
Gold Capsule+318.54%
Gold Capsule+418%
Gold Capsule+517%
Gold Capsule+615%
Gold Capsule+715%
Gold Capsule+814%
Gold Capsule+913.80%
Gold Capsule+1013.20%
Escape Rune13%
Destruction Rune13%
Defence Rune13%
Convert Rune13%
Fox's Mark13%
Lone Wolf13%
Scroll Gunung Buas12.80%
Scroll Tanah Outcast12.70%
Elan Plateru Scroll12.70%
Blue Stone12.50%
Blessed Mysterious TreasureBox[Offense]12.50%
Blessed Mysterious TreasureBox[Defense]12.07%
Najaal's Crystal11%
Red Stone11%
Talic's Crystal11%
Talic Crystal Compressed Pack11%
Meningkatkan EXP 50% 30menit10.70%
Purse Charger [5%]10.50%
Meningkatkan EXP 100% 1jam10.40%
Intense Black Grenade Launcher10.03%
Intense Dark Flame Launcher10.03%
Intense Dark Staff10.03%
Intense Dark Gatling10.03%
Intense Black Siege Bow10.03%
Intense Black Lance10.03%
Intense Dark Beam Pressure10.03%
Intense Dark Bullova10.03%
Intense Dark Beam Sword10.03%
Intense Dark Beam Saber10.03%
Crimson Hora Axe[Rare D]10.02%
Crimson Hora Mace[Rare D]10.02%
Crimson Hora Knife[Rare D]10.02%
Crimson Hora Hand Axe[Rare D]10.02%
Crimson Hora Bow[Rare D]10.02%
Crimson Hora Spear[Rare D]10.02%
Crimson Hora Fire Arm[Rare D]10.02%
Crimson Hora Staff[Rare D]10.02%
Crimson Hora Launcher[Rare D]10.02%
Crimson Hora Hammer[Rare D]10.02%
Gain 1%EXP Potion10.02%
Divine Grenade Launcher [Rare B]10.01%
Divine Flame Launcher [Rare B]10.01%
Divine Staff [Rare B]10.01%
Divine Gatling [Rare B]10.01%
Divine Siege Bow [Rare B]10.01%
Divine Lance [Rare B]10.01%
Divine Beam Pressure [Rare B]10.01%
Divine Bulova [Rare B]10.01%
Divine Beam Sword [Rare B]10.01%
Divine Beam Saber [Rare B]10.01%
Shiny Gate10.01%

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