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Inventer’s Accessories Box

TypeBox Item


ClassC Ability Box.All kinds of ability will be given randomly.

Trade to PlayerSell to NPCDrop to groundStore to bank
YesYes Yes Yes

Also known as: Inventor’s Toolbox

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Splinter Rex Boss
Rook Snatcher Boss
WarBeast Kin Boss
Vice Bloc Lunker Boss
Frenzy Ratmoth Boss
Argol Drone Boss
Freak Vafer Niffer Boss
Draco Ace
Argol Wasp Boss
Great Lava Boss
Fierce Grumble Boss
Twizer Rex Boss
Lizard Khan Boss
GafMale Boss
RashVafer Luther Boss
King Crook Boss
Rex Cannival Boss
Blood Queen Crook Boss
Blood King Twizer Boss
Brutal Rex Boss
Heavy Mit Clod Boss
Blood Crawler Rex Boss
Blood Vafer Rex Boss
Fierce Snatcher Rex Boss
Caliana Princess Boss
Ash Ace
Turncoat Archer Ace
Turncoat Scout Ace
Turncoat Desperado Ace
Turncoat Caster Ace
Turncoat Psyper Ace
Turncoat Commando Ace
Turncoat Sniper Ace
Turncoat Champion Ace
Turncoat Hunter Ace
Turncoat Gunner Ace
Turncoat Summoner Ace
Turncoat Destroyer Ace
Turncoat Miler Ace
Turncoat Chandra Ace
Turncoat Knight Ace
Turncoat Gladius Ace
Belphegor Boss
Assassin BuilderA Ace
Assassin BuilderB Ace
Heavy Anabola Boss
Brath Boss
Hobo Sniper Ace
Spyfus Boss
Calliana Archer Ace
Turncoat Sniper (Champion) Champion
Turncoat Wizard (Ace) Ace
Turncoat Shield Miler (Elite) Elite
Turncoat Sentinel (Champion) Champion
Turncoat Astraler (Ace) Ace
Turncoat Black Knights (Elite) Elite
Turncoat Stealer (Champion) Champion
Turncoat Graser (Ace) Ace
Turncoat Mercenery (Elite) Elite
Turncoat Phantom Shadow (Champion) Champion
Turncoat Armsman (Elite) Elite
Turncoat Infiltrator (Champion) Champion
Turncoat Guardian (Elite) Elite
Turncoat Assassin (Champion) Champion
Turncoat Berserker (Elite) Elite
Turncoat HolyChandra (Ace) Ace
Turncoat Templar (Elite) Elite
Turncoat Dark Priest (Ace) Ace
Boggie Volt Elite
Stone Bloc Ace
Devistator Champion
Curr Ace
Hum BaBa Champion
Great Curr Ace
Giant Baba Elite
Infernal Demolis Champion
Infernal Lava Champion
Fever Lapis Champion
Infernal Grumble Champion
Volite Champion
Burn Ash Champion
Granite Block Champion
Big Wati Boss
Big Titi Boss
Big Mati Boss
Heavy Squad Ace
Infernal Drako Champion
Earth Quaker Boss
Burning hands Vafer Baba Elite
Xelnakan Vafer Niffer Champion
Freak Vafer Sly Elite
Xelnakan Boss
Vafer Ranger Ace
Nine Tailed Snatcher Cheat Ace
Stuck Clan Snatcher Hurl Normal
Evil Snatcher Bite Ace
Evil Snatcher Horn Ace
Evil Snatcher Hornkzak Elite
Evil Snatcher Rex Champion
EvilEyetotum Boss
Stock Boss
Varkrodem Hero
MuscleDance Hero
Teledun Boss
Crawler Maul (Champion) Champion
Strayer Boss
BusterLava Champion
AssassinBuilderClark Elite
RedPlanetHora Khan Champion
BlackCrowWarBeast Elite
ToypelStriker Ace
ToypelPhantomShadow Ace
BloodiesGraser Ace
BloodiesArcher Ace
TempestAssassin Ace
TempestBlackKnights Champion
IntruderHolyChandra Ace
TombstoneArmsMan Champion
GrumbleWalker Solo
CurrSoldier Solo
WhiteFang Solo
VolcanicAthrop Solo
ElderDraco Solo
SilverLizard Solo
GrandScud Solo
SlaughterGrumble Solo
BombAsh Solo
BerserkerCrook Solo
LargoKingTwizer Solo
Demon Chooty Boss
Iron Petroler Ace
NarumCrawlerDestructiveSoldier Champion
CremleSnatcherArcher Champion
CucraVafferLightWarrior Champion
NarumCrawlerAdjutant Elite
CremleSnatcherAdjutant Elite
CucraVafferAdjutant Elite
Sting Host Marr Normal
Big Horn Cannival Ace
Redfang Lunker Champion
Fang Splinter Elite
Black Demolis Champion
Blue Scale Klan Elite
Red Haired Splinter Hero
Hook Brutal Elite
Tyrant Lizard Hero
Thunder Lizard Hero
Cremul Snatcher Scout Ace
Cremul Snatcher Captain Hero
Naroom Crawler Scout Ace
Naroom Crawler Captain Hero
Kukra Vafer Gladiator Ace
Kukra Vafer Captain Hero
Lucky Cube Normal
Jewerly Cube Normal
Hive Marr Normal
Lizard Guardian Ace
Cremul Patrol Ace
Naroom Patrol Ace
Kukra Patrol Ace
Infected Ratmoth Ace
Infected Big Ratmoth Elite
Rake Foot Draco Champion
Queen Hive Marr Hero
Ringleader RoyalGuard Hero

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