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Kahn’s Unstable Lucky Box Small

TypeBox Item


Kahn's Unstable Lucky Box. Various items are dropped when open. Trade, Mail and storage if possible. [refund is impossible after open the box.]

Trade to PlayerSell to NPCDrop to groundStore to bank
YesYes Yes Yes

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ImageItem NameQuantityChance
Brilliant gold box17%
Destruction Rune15%
Convert Rune15%
Swift Rune15%
Escape Rune15%
Defence Rune15%
Lone Wolf15%
Fox's Mark14%
Offense Charger14%
Defense Charger14%
Najaal's Crystal14%
Inventer's Accessories Box14%
Scroll Gunung Buas14%
Scroll Tanah Outcast14%
Blue Stone14%
Red Stone14%
Mysterious TreasureBox[Defense]14%
Mysterious TreasureBox[Offense]14%
Blessed Mysterious TreasureBox[Defense]13%
Blessed Mysterious TreasureBox[Offense]13%
Inventer's Accessories Box12%
Box of Kesar12%
Golden Penger Priguel10.90%
Intense Hora Knife10.60%
Intense Hora Sword10.46%
Intense Hora Axe10.46%
Intense Hora Hammer10.46%
Intense Hora Spear10.46%
Intense Hora Bow10.46%
Intense Hora Vulcan10.46%
Intense Hora Akeron Launcher10.47%
Intense Hora Grenade Launcher10.47%
Emperial Warrior RewardBox 50LV10.35%
Emperial Ranger RewardBox 50LV10.35%
Emperial Launcher RewardBox 50LV10.35%
Empire Shield AwardBox 50LV10.35%
Dark Beam Saber10.29%
Dark Beam Sword10.29%
Dark Bullova10.29%
Dark Beam Pressure10.29%
Black Lance10.29%
Black Siege Bow10.29%
Dark Flame Launcher10.29%
Black Grenade Launcher10.29%
Intense Dark Beam Saber10.02%
Intense Dark Beam Sword10.02%
Intense Dark Bullova10.02%
Intense Dark Beam Pressure10.02%
Intense Black Lance10.02%
Intense Black Siege Bow10.02%
Intense Dark Gatling10.02%
Intense Dark Flame Launcher10.02%
Intense Black Grenade Launcher10.01%
Crimson Hammer[Rare D]10.01%
Crimson Throwing Knife[Rare D]10.01%
Crimson Spear[Rare D]10.01%
Crimson Bow[Rare D]10.01%
Crimson Axe[Rare D]10.01%
Crimson Sword[Rare D]10.01%
Gain 1%EXP Potion10.01%

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