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Level40 C Class WeaponBox

TypeBox Item


Box which contains 40 level C type proximity weapon.

Trade to PlayerSell to NPCDrop to groundStore to bank
NoYes No No

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ImageItem NameQuantityChance
Wind Intense Gun Blade11.67%
Endurance Intense Gun Blade11.67%
Fine Intense Gun Blade11.67%
Smart Intense Gun Blade11.67%
Strong Intense Gun Blade11.67%
Solid Intense Gun Blade11.67%
Strength Intense Gun Blade11.67%
Advanced Strength Intense Gun Blade11.67%
Vampire Intense Gun Blade11.67%
Guardian Intense Gun Blade11.67%
Sharp Intense Gun Blade11.67%
Grand Intense Gun Blade11.67%
Wind Intense Estoc11.67%
Endurance Intense Estoc11.67%
Fine Intense Estoc11.67%
Smart Intense Estoc11.67%
Strong Intense Estoc11.67%
Solid Intense Estoc11.67%
Strength Intense Estoc11.67%
Advanced Strength Intense Estoc11.67%
Vampire Intense Estoc11.67%
Guardian Intense Estoc11.67%
Sharp Intense Estoc11.67%
Grand Intense Estoc11.67%
Wind Intense Bullova11.67%
Endurance Intense Bullova11.67%
Fine Intense Bullova11.67%
Smart Intense Bullova11.67%
Strong Intense Bullova11.67%
Solid Intense Bullova11.67%
Strength Intense Bullova11.67%
Advanced Strength Intense Bullova11.67%
Vampire Intense Bullova11.67%
Guardian Intense Bullova11.67%
Sharp Intense Bullova11.67%
Grand Intense Bullova11.67%
Wind Intense Beam Great Hammer11.67%
Endurance Intense Beam Great Hammer11.67%
Fine Intense Beam Great Hammer11.67%
Smart Intense Beam Great Hammer11.67%
Strong Intense Beam Great Hammer11.66%
Solid Intense Beam Great Hammer11.66%
Strength Intense Beam Great Hammer11.66%
Advanced Strength Intense Beam Great Hammer11.66%
Vampire Intense Beam Great Hammer11.66%
Guardian Intense Beam Great Hammer11.66%
Sharp Intense Beam Great Hammer11.66%
Grand Intense Beam Great Hammer11.66%
Wind Intense Lance11.66%
Endurance Intense Lance11.66%
Fine Intense Lance11.66%
Smart Intense Lance11.66%
Strong Intense Lance11.66%
Solid Intense Lance11.66%
Strength Intense Lance11.66%
Advanced Strength Intense Lance11.66%
Vampire Intense Lance11.66%
Guardian Intense Lance11.66%
Sharp Intense Lance11.66%
Grand Intense Lance11.66%

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