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Union Ranger RewardBox 53LV

TypeBox Item


Bellato Ranger 53LV Box with TypeB and Superior Armor

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ImageItem NameQuantityChance
Intense Armion Gauntlet116%
Intense Legion Greave116%
Intense Legion Trouser114%
Intense Legion Full Helm114%
Intense Legion Full Plate110%
Endurance Superior Legion Greave11.50%
Advanced Strength Superior Legion FullHelm11.20%
Advanced Strength Superior Armion Gauntlet11.20%
Sharp Superior Armion Gauntlet11.20%
Endurance Superior Armion Gauntlet11.20%
Advanced Strength Superior Legion Greave11.20%
Sharp Superior Legion Greave11.20%
Sharp Superior Legion FullHelm10.90%
Endurance Superior Legion FullHelm10.90%
Advanced Strength Superior Legion Full Plate10.90%
Advanced Strength Superior Legion Trouser10.90%
Sharp Superior Legion Trouser10.90%
Endurance Superior Legion Trouser10.90%
Protection Superior Legion Greave10.90%
Solid Superior Legion Full Plate10.60%
Sharp Superior Legion Full Plate10.60%
Endurance Superior Legion Full Plate10.60%
Solid Superior Legion Trouser10.60%
Guardian Superior Legion Trouser10.60%
Solid Superior Armion Gauntlet10.60%
Protection Superior Armion Gauntlet10.60%
Guardian Superior Armion Gauntlet10.60%
Fine Superior Legion Greave10.60%
Solid Superior Legion Greave10.60%
Guardian Superior Legion Greave10.60%
Solid Superior Legion FullHelm10.60%
Protection Superior Legion FullHelm10.60%
Guardian Superior Legion FullHelm10.60%
Fine Superior Legion FullHelm10.30%
Strong Superior Legion FullHelm10.30%
Strength Superior Legion FullHelm10.30%
Vampire Superior Legion FullHelm10.30%
Fine Superior Legion Full Plate10.30%
Strong Superior Legion Full Plate10.30%
Strength Superior Legion Full Plate10.30%
Protection Superior Legion Full Plate10.30%
Vampire Superior Legion Full Plate10.30%
Guardian Superior Legion Full Plate10.30%
Fine Superior Legion Trouser10.30%
Strong Superior Legion Trouser10.30%
Strength Superior Legion Trouser10.30%
Protection Superior Legion Trouser10.30%
Vampire Superior Legion Trouser10.30%
Fine Superior Armion Gauntlet10.30%
Strong Superior Armion Gauntlet10.30%
Strength Superior Armion Gauntlet10.30%
Vampire Superior Armion Gauntlet10.30%
Strong Superior Legion Greave10.30%
Strength Superior Legion Greave10.30%
Vampire Superior Legion Greave10.30%
Intense Rage Armlet116%
Intense Rage Boots116%
Intense Rage Slacks114%
Intense Rage HeadGear114%
Intense Rage Suit110%
Endurance Superior Rage Boots11.50%
Advanced Strength Superior Rage HeadGear11.20%
Advanced Strength Superior Rage Armlet11.20%
Sharp Superior Rage Armlet11.20%
Endurance Superior Rage Armlet11.20%
Advanced Strength Superior Rage Boots11.20%
Sharp Superior Rage Boots11.20%
Sharp Superior Rage HeadGear10.90%
Endurance Superior Rage HeadGear10.90%
Advanced Strength Superior Rage Suit10.90%
Advanced Strength Superior Rage Slacks10.90%
Sharp Superior Rage Slacks10.90%
Endurance Superior Rage Slacks10.90%
Protection Superior Rage Boots10.90%
Solid Superior Rage Suit10.60%
Sharp Superior Rage Suit10.60%
Endurance Superior Rage Suit10.60%
Solid Superior Rage Slacks10.60%
Guardian Superior Rage Slacks10.60%
Solid Superior Rage Armlet10.60%
Protection Superior Rage Armlet10.60%
Guardian Superior Rage Armlet10.60%
Fine Superior Rage Boots10.60%
Solid Superior Rage Boots10.60%
Guardian Superior Rage Boots10.60%
Solid Superior Rage HeadGear10.60%
Protection Superior Rage HeadGear10.60%
Guardian Superior Rage HeadGear10.60%
Fine Superior Rage HeadGear10.30%
Strong Superior Rage HeadGear10.30%
Strength Superior Rage HeadGear10.30%
Vampire Superior Rage HeadGear10.30%
Fine Superior Rage Suit10.30%
Strong Superior Rage Suit10.30%
Strength Superior Rage Suit10.30%
Protection Superior Rage Suit10.30%
Vampire Superior Rage Suit10.30%
Guardian Superior Rage Suit10.30%
Fine Superior Rage Slacks10.30%
Strong Superior Rage Slacks10.30%
Strength Superior Rage Slacks10.30%
Protection Superior Rage Slacks10.30%
Vampire Superior Rage Slacks10.30%
Fine Superior Rage Armlet10.30%
Strong Superior Rage Armlet10.30%
Strength Superior Rage Armlet10.30%
Vampire Superior Rage Armlet10.30%
Strong Superior Rage Boots10.30%
Strength Superior Rage Boots10.30%
Vampire Superior Rage Boots10.30%

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