monster (mon·ster/ˈmänstər/)


  • a legendary animal combining features of animal and human form or having the forms of various animals in combination, as a centaur, griffin, or sphinx.
  • any creature so ugly or monstrous as to frighten people.
  • any animal or human grotesquely deviating from the normal shape, behavior, or character.
  • a person who excites horror by wickedness, cruelty, etc.any animal or thing huge in size.


in RF Online you can kill monster to get exp, and various item drop with your equipment (weapon and armor).
Below, list of all monster in RF Online :

Young Flym Normal22
Wing Normal31
Digger Clan Normal51
Flym Normal77
Stingbug Normal77
Heavy Wing Normal105
Flym Guard Normal105
Marr Normal141
Demolith Normal141
Adult Stingbug Normal182
Clan Normal229
Splinter Brat Normal280
Lunker Normal280
Host Marr Normal332
WarBeast Normal332
Ratmoth Normal392
Splinter Normal458
Snatcher Cheat Normal531
Neo WarBeast Normal605
BoClan Normal687
Bloc Lunker Normal769
Vafer Nipper Normal769
Big Ratmoth Normal860
Argol Normal953
Cannival Normal1054
Bulky Lunker Normal1054
GaffTail Normal1108
Argolquich Normal1160
Snatcher Hurl Normal1211
Lapise Normal1260
Lava Normal1260
Gaf Normal1310
Twizer Normal1310
Lizard Normal1351
Grumble Normal1409
Crawler Bunch Normal1456
Vafer Luther Normal1456
Ghost Normal1502
Rigor Lapise Normal1502
Grumble Hook Normal1550
Ops Lava Normal1612
Sandworm Normal1654
Crawler Cast Normal1654
Anabola Normal1654
Controller Device Normal100000000
Crook Normal1710
Villain Cannival Normal1710
Hue Gaff Normal1762
Vafer Sly Normal1762
Snatcher Bite Normal1815
Snatcher Horn Normal1815
Crawler Axle Normal1815
Vafer Mortar Normal1815
Vafer Brute Normal1815
Elder Lizard Normal1866
Armed Ghost Normal1866
Crawler Maul Normal1866
Clod Normal1866
Heller Normal1866
Splinter Guard Normal2799
Snatcher Cheat Guard Normal2799
Robust Lava Normal1907
Naiad Heller Normal1907
Neo WarBeast Guard Normal2861
Bloc Lunker Guard Normal2861
Big Ratmoth Guard Normal2861
Grumble Owl Normal1951
Meth Sandworm Normal1951
Argol Guard Normal2927
Vafer Niffer Guard Normal2927
King Twizer Normal2011
Queen Crook Normal2011
Lazhuardian Warrior Normal2011
Argolquich Guard Normal3017
Lava Guard Normal3017
Anabola Cyst Normal2059
Mit Clod Normal2059
Twizer Guard Normal3089
Grumble Guard Normal3089
Lizard Guard Normal3089
Brutal Normal2120
Splinter Rex Boss636000
Rook Snatcher Boss636000
Lazhuardian Normal2120
Vafer Luther Guard Normal3180
Gaf Guard Normal3180
Chuty Ace10600
WarBeast Kin Boss662100
Vice Bloc Lunker Boss662100
Frenzy Ratmoth Boss648000
Crook Guard Normal3240
Villain Cannival Guard Normal3240
Hobo Sword Ace10800
Hobo Might Ace10800
Argol Drone Boss680400
Freak Vafer Niffer Boss680400
Spell Lazhuardian Normal2207
Queen Crook Guard Normal3311
King Twizer Guard Normal3311
Draco Ace14305
Argol Wasp Boss708900
Great Lava Boss735300
Brutal Guard Normal3402
Mit Clod Guard Normal3402
Hobo Cutter Ace11340
Hobo Turnpike Ace11340
Crawler Rex Normal2301
Vafer Rex Normal2301
Snatcher Rex Normal2301
Fierce Grumble Boss771000
Twizer Rex Boss708900
Lizard Khan Boss708900
Crawler Rex Guard Normal3452
Vafer Rex Guard Normal3452
Snatcher Rex Guard Normal3452
Passer Alpha Ace11505
GafMale Boss708900
RashVafer Luther Boss771000
Hobo Blade Ace11815
Hobo Rover Ace11815
King Crook Boss735300
Rex Cannival Boss708900
Passer Beta Ace12035
Drako Konu Ace12035
Blood Queen Crook Boss771000
Blood King Twizer Boss735300
Caliana Crew [Ace] Ace12255
Caliana Atrock [Ace] Ace12255
Caliana Crew Normal3677
Caliana Atrock Normal2451
Brutal Rex Boss786300
Heavy Mit Clod Boss771000
Blood Crawler Rex Boss786300
Blood Vafer Rex Boss786300
Fierce Snatcher Rex Boss786300
Caliana Princess Boss786300
Holystone Keeper Normal2621
Volcanic Demolith Ace12035
Volcanic Lava Ace12255
Grave Lapise Ace12255
Volcanic Grumble Ace12540
Sizzler Ace12540
Ash Ace6300
Thorn Ash Ace13105
Blaze Bloc Ace13105
Archer [Ace] Ace14305
Scout [Ace] Ace14305
Desperado [Ace] Ace14630
Caster [Ace] Ace14630
Psyper [Ace] Ace14305
Commando [Ace] Ace14125
Sniper [Ace] Ace14125
Champion [Ace] Ace14125
Hunter [Ace] Ace14305
Gunner [Ace] Ace14305
Summoner [Ace] Ace14305
Destroyer [Ace] Ace14305
Miler [Ace] Ace14630
Chandra [Ace] Ace14630
Knights [Ace] Ace14630
Gladius [Ace] Ace14630
Turncoat Archer Ace4536
Turncoat Scout Ace4536
Turncoat Desperado Ace4536
Turncoat Caster Ace4536
Turncoat Psyper Ace4536
Turncoat Commando Ace4726
Turncoat Sniper Ace4536
Turncoat Champion Ace4726
Turncoat Hunter Ace4536
Turncoat Gunner Ace4536
Turncoat Summoner Ace4536
Turncoat Destroyer Ace4726
Turncoat Miler Ace4726
Turncoat Chandra Ace4536
Turncoat Knight Ace4726
Turncoat Gladius Ace4726
Baal Hamon Boss828300
Belphegor Guard Normal4292
Belphegor Boss938400
Arslot Normal13105
Pray Maul Normal12035
Necro Metal Normal12540
Berload Normal12255
Blade Pawn Ace62700
Stone Knight Normal12540
Fire Tower Normal2621
Tower Normal2621
Rajuil Tower Normal2621
Assassin BuilderA Ace13105
Assassin BuilderB Ace13105
Bel Boss262100
Bel Guard Normal3932
Big Ratmoth (Ace) Ace5800
Cannival (Ace) Ace6300
Bulky Lunker (Ace) Ace6300
Bulky Lunker (Ace) Ace6755
Argolquich (Ace) Ace6755
Ghost (Ace) Ace7280
Rigor Lapise (Ace) Ace7280
Ops Lava (Ace) Ace7280
Grumble Hook (Ace) Ace7750
Armed Ghost (Ace) Ace9330
Robust Lava (Ace) Ace9535
Naiad Heller (Ace) Ace9755
Meth Sandworm (Ace) Ace10055
Anabola Cyst (Ace) Ace10295
Mit Clod (Ace) Ace10600
Brutal (Ace) Ace10800
Anabola Guard Normal3402
Heavy Anabola Boss771000
Brath Boss858300
Brath Guard Normal3932
Small Lazhuardian Normal1160
Titi Boss3100
Mati Boss3100
Coti Boss3100
Wati Boss3100
Cuty Normal22
Poty Normal22
Nuty Normal22
Toti Normal22
Shuty Normal22
Cati Normal22
Archer Normal1
Scouter Normal1
Desperado Normal1
Caster Normal1
Psyper Normal1
Commando Normal1
Sniper Normal1
Champion Normal1
Hunter Normal1
Gunner Normal1
Summoner Normal1
Destroyer Normal1
Miler Normal1
Chandra Normal1
Knight Normal1
Gladius Normal1
Hobo Sniper Ace12850
Core Holystone Ace172575
Heart Ace172575
Two Towers Ace172575
Crystal Box Ace172575
Rod Ace172575
Memoria Gem Ace172575
LaJuil Tower Ace172575
Bicone Ace172575
Soul Brazier Ace172575
Baal Hamon [Fake] Boss1353
Rock Jaw Boss948900
Blink Boss978900
Soul Sinder Boss1008900
Spyfus Boss469200
Taraven Boss968700
Dagnue Boss2078400
Dagan Boss2058600
Dagon Boss2017800
Calliana Archer Ace12850
Turncoat Sniper (Champion) Champion29260
Turncoat Wizard (Ace) Ace14630
Turncoat Adventurer (Champion) Champion29260
Turncoat Warlock (Ace) Ace14630
Turncoat Dementor (Champion) Champion29260
Turncoat Shield Miler (Elite) Elite59240
Turncoat Sentinel (Champion) Champion29620
Turncoat Astraler (Ace) Ace14810
Turncoat Black Knights (Elite) Elite59240
Turncoat Stealer (Champion) Champion29620
Turncoat Graser (Ace) Ace14810
Turncoat Mercenery (Elite) Elite59240
Turncoat Phantom Shadow (Champion) Champion29620
Turncoat Armsman (Elite) Elite60540
Turncoat Infiltrator (Champion) Champion30270
Turncoat Guardian (Elite) Elite60540
Turncoat Assassin (Champion) Champion30270
Turncoat Assulter (Elite) Elite60540
Turncoat Striker (Champion) Champion30270
Turncoat Berserker (Elite) Elite61240
Turncoat HolyChandra (Ace) Ace15310
Turncoat Templar (Elite) Elite61240
Turncoat Dark Priest (Ace) Ace15310
Tuncoat Punisher (Elite) Elite61240
Hobo Assassin Ace15135
Hobo Trooper Ace15135
Passer Gamma Ace15135
Hobo Defender Champion30620
Passer Delta Ace15310
Scud Normal3062
Giant Scud Champion30620
Marsh Scud Ace15310
Giant Marsh Scud Elite61240
Boggie Volt Elite61240
Stone Bloc Ace80725
Devistator Champion31630
Calliana Queen Boss999000
Assassin BuilderX Champion31280
BlinkGuard Normal6124
Soul Sinder Guard Normal6124
Drake Hatchling Ace13805
ScudLava Normal1431
Grave Stone Normal2216000
Curr Ace6930
Hum BaBa Champion11990.7002
Great Curr Ace7623
Giant Baba Elite29260
Infernal Demolis Champion6153.299805
Infernal Lava Champion6768.899902
Fever Lapis Champion6768.899902
Infernal Grumble Champion7445.700195
Volite Champion7445.700195
Burn Ash Champion9009
Granite Block Champion10900.7998
Santa Chooty Normal19343980
Mini HolyStoneKeeper Boss2158000
Big Wati Boss675500
Big Uyle Normal1351
Big Nuti Normal1351
Big Titi Boss675500
Big Cuti Normal1351
Big Mati Boss675500
Big Walnut Boss4030000
Heavy Squad Ace6300
Infernal Drako Champion14508.90039
Earth Quaker Boss423750
Earth Quaker Guard Normal2621
HugeBeacon Boss6448000
Hora Hobo Cutter Boss888600
Hora Hobo Rover Boss908100
Hora Necro Metal Boss306200
Hora Passer Alpha Boss938400
Hora Assassin Builder Boss948900
Hora Infernal Lava Boss877800
Hora Fever Lapis Boss888600
Hora Granite Block Boss908100
Hora Boggie Bolt Boss918600
Hora Infernal Draco Boss938400
Hora Chooty Boss877800
Hora Caliana Crew Boss888600
Hora Caliana Trog Boss908100
Hora Caliana Archer Boss918600
Hora Caliana Princess Boss938400
Hora Turncoat Warlock Boss877800
Hora Turncoat Striker Boss888600
Hora Turncoat Dual Knight Boss908100
Hora Turncoat Holy Chandra Boss918600
Hora Turncoat Mercenery Boss938400
Hora Snatcher Hurl Boss888600
Hora Crawler Axel Boss908100
Hora Snatcher Rex Boss918600
Hora Crawler Rex Boss938400
Hora Vafer Rex Boss948900
Hora Armored Ghost Boss740500
Hora Ghost Normal13610
Hora Hobo Might Normal14305
Hora Hobo Sword Normal14630
Hora Hobo Blade Normal15310
Hora Hobo Turnpike Normal15640
Hora Infernal Demolis Normal13805
Hora Volide Normal14125
Hora Titi Normal13805
Hora Marty Normal13805
Hora Turncoat Hunter Normal13290
Hora Turncoat Dark Priest Normal13805
Hora Turncoat Gunner Normal14305
Hora Turncoat GunnerHora Snatcher Cheet Normal14305
Hora Crawler Cast Normal2926
Hora Snatcher Bite Normal15135
Hora Crawler Maul Normal15135
Hora Vafer Baba Normal15310
Hora Vafer Mortar Normal15135
Vafer Scout Normal1815
Burning hands Vafer Baba Elite54440
Xelnakan Vafer Niffer Champion27220
Freak Vafer Sly Elite42400
Xelnakan Boss312800
Blood Vafer Rex Boss312800
Vafer Ranger Ace11815
Nine Tailed Snatcher Cheat Ace13290
Stuck Clan Snatcher Hurl Normal2621
Evil Snatcher Bite Ace12255
Evil Snatcher Horn Ace12540
Evil Snatcher Hornkzak Elite57220
Evil Snatcher Rex Champion24070
EvilEyetotum Boss240700
Stock Boss312800
Trugar Boss240700
Varkrodem Hero70890
MuscleDance Hero72210
Teledun Boss312800
Crawler Rex (Champion) Champion28610
Crawler Maul (Champion) Champion26210
Strayer Boss765500
BusterLava Champion28250
AssassinBuilderClark Elite57220
RedPlanetHora Khan Champion26580
IzenRock Elite56934
BlackCrowWarBeast Elite60540
FrostClawLunker Champion68620
DagnuYoungFlam Elite9160
GigaYoungFlam Hero58530
Vecioren Boss145600
Cora Temple Guard Normal3363
Cora Disciple Normal3363
Bellato City Guard Normal3363
Bellato MP Normal3363
Accretia Imperial Guard Normal3363
Accretia Executioner Normal3363
Black Sign Boss2199000
Kent Boss306200
Commandor Trashoo Boss978900
Black sign Executor Champion31630
ElephantMercernary Champion27610
ToypelStriker Ace14305
ToypelPhantomShadow Ace14125
ThorHammerAssaulter Champion28610
BlackSignSquad Artillery Elite64580
Black sign commanders Hero97890
DeserterStriker Champion31280
DeserterPunisher Elite62560
Izen'sMercernary Elite61240
ArespelDread Boss363200
Commander CirusGale Boss978900
RaulMesser Boss292600
BloodiesGraser Ace13610
BloodiesArcher Ace14125
BloodiesArcher Champion31280
DeserterTempler Elite62560
TempestAssassin Ace15135
TempestBlackKnights Champion30620
CarmenHeidiman Boss363200
Commander LeonVolcove Boss978900
Killxicheff Boss292600
IntruderHolyChandra Ace14305
Deserter Hidden Soldier Champion31280
TombstoneInfiltrator Ace13805
TombstoneArmsMan Champion30270
TombstoneBerserker Elite62560
Tower'sShieldMiler Champion30270
Tower'sDevastator Elite62560
GrumbleWalker Solo4814
CurrSoldier Solo25700
WhiteFang Solo4902
VolcanicAthrop Solo25080
ElderDraco Solo5242
SilverLizard Solo5444
StingScud Solo5522
GrandScud Solo5650
SlaughterGrumble Solo5722
BombAsh Solo5316
BerserkerCrook Solo5924
LargoKingTwizer Solo5852
MartyEvil Normal860
TitiEvil Normal860
WatiKin Normal860
ShootiKin Normal860
TottiKin Normal860
NootyKin Normal860
Demon Chooty Boss33200
Iron Petroler Ace22603
Metal Fly Hound Ace22141
Ancient Blader Champion45682
Sentinel Shooter Champion45682
Strider Elite107616
Eldi Croche Boss1089600
Mutant Walker Ace17772
Mutant Plant Champion27558
Rage Claw Ace19676
Reaper Champion29716
Rust Elite64580
Curian Champion32290
Mutant Type-2 Champion49448
Infected Beast Champion31280
Metal Elf Archer Elite86580
Metal Elf Gunner Elite86580
Metal Elf Knight Hero100890
Metal Elf Berserker Hero100890
Metal Elf Royal GuardA Elite89206
Metal Elf Royal GuardB Elite89206
KweleSocomGuard Normal3330
KweleSocom Boss346400
NarumCrawlerDestructiveSoldier Champion53808
CremleSnatcherArcher Champion39156
CucraVafferLightWarrior Champion54896
NarumCrawlerAdjutant Elite68620
CremleSnatcherAdjutant Elite66600
CucraVafferAdjutant Elite187056
HighElgWarlock Elite69280
HighElfSorceress Elite69280
High Elf Archer Elite70640
HighElfKnight Hero105960
HighElfRoyalGuard Hero105960
NarwenEdisil Boss286100
Ugdrasilstrip Ace17155
Jetso Boss363200
HoraScudLava Normal2658
HoraMashScud Ace13290
HoraGiantScud Boss1130000
HoraGiantScudGuard Normal13290
HoraGrenitBlock Champion54440
HoraPernaldDraco Boss1144400
HoraPernaldDracoGuard Normal13610
HoraAsrob Ace69025
HoraBicone Hero171660
HoraBloodCrawlerRex Boss1170400
HoraBloodCrawlerRexGuard Normal13805
HoraPasserDelta Ace14125
HoraDebisData Champion28250
HoraAssassinBuilderX Boss14810
HoraAssassinBuilderXGuard Normal14125
HoraCrook Champion28610
HoraKingTwiser Boss1210800
HoraKingTwiserGuard Normal14305
HoraCrystalBox Hero87780
HoraGreatCurr Champion146300
HoraHostHwiton Boss612400
HoraHostHwitonGuard Normal14630
HoraHoboCutter Champion29620
HoraHoboTurnpike Champion29620
HoraArmoredHoboBlade Boss15640
HoraArmoredHoboBloadeGuard Normal14305
HoraStoneKnight Ace75675
HoraBladePawn Boss1265200
HoraBloadePawnGuard Normal14630
Hora Grave Stone Champion302700
Hora Memoria Gem Ace302700
Hora Rajuil Tower Ace302700
Hora Naiad Heller Champion30270
Hora Queen Naiad Heller Boss1291600
Hora Queen Naiad HellerGuard Normal14810
Hora BaalHamon Boss1305200
Hora BaalHamon Guard Normal4541
Sting Host Marr Normal2143
Big Horn Cannival Ace38275
Redfang Lunker Champion61240
Fang Splinter Elite62560
Black Demolis Champion62560
Blue Scale Klan Elite63260
Red Haired Splinter Hero94890
Hook Brutal Elite64580
Tyrant Lizard Hero97890
Thunder Lizard Hero97890
Cremul Snatcher Scout Ace22841
Cremul Snatcher Captain Hero99900
Naroom Crawler Scout Ace26904
Naroom Crawler Captain Hero102930
Kukra Vafer Gladiator Ace27448
Kukra Vafer Captain Hero286092
Ringleader BloodAxe Boss1069200
Lucky Cube Normal31800
Jewerly Cube Normal31800
Golden Pig Boss2058600
Hive Marr Normal2073
Lizard Guardian Ace40363
Cremul Patrol Ace20989
Naroom Patrol Ace21645
Kukra Patrol Ace21860
Infected Ratmoth Ace39100
Infected Big Ratmoth Elite63260
Rake Foot Draco Champion63260
Endless Flame Draco Boss1029300
Queen Hive Marr Hero189780
Ringleader RoyalGuard Hero97890
Dark Clan Mercenery Elite69280
Dark Clan Dementor Champion34640
Dark Clan Striker Champion34640
Dark Clan Berserker Elite69280
Dark Clan Hidden Soldier Champion34640
Dark Clan HolyChandra Champion34640
Dark Clan Templar Elite69280
Dark Clan Assassin Champion34640
Dark Clan Warlock Champion34640
Dragon Knight Elite69280
Necro Metalian Elite137240
Big Iron Patroler Elite91364
Metal Eater Hero201780
Izen Cracker Boss1425600
King Mutant Warker Champion27243
Reaper Junior Ace18372
Devastator Rhea Champion31280
Luo Regnum Boss1039200
Betrayer Vafer Mystic Hero144102
Betrayer Crawler Priest Elite94164
Betrayer Snatcher Mystic Champion47082
Vengeful Vafer Spirit Elite93240
Vengeful Crawler Spirit Champion45682
Vengeful Snatcher Spirit Champion45682
Herodian Black Box Normal2120
DagonGuard Normal6726
SandWarm Hero Boss316300
MassSandWarm Hero Boss322900
Stocker Lava Boss322900
Sand StingBug Boss322900
GreatAnabola Boss322900
Mutant Traveler Champion14508.90039
CartellaBoss JinBark Ace15640
MetalElf Iserina Champion43290
Researcher Aret Ace15640
Deserted BlackSignGunner Ace15310
Heretic MessArian Ace15310
Teraon Champion46920
DesertedSoldier Exesis Ace9330
DesertedSoldier As02-R1-409518 Ace11815
DesertedSoldier Ken Ace9330
DesertedSoldier Liand Ace9755
DesertedSoldier Soo Ace9330
DesertedSoldier As02-R1-370413 Ace11815
TrialLunker Ace6069.25
Captain Clover Champion13190.40039
LittlePierceGrumble Hero235890
LittleLizardKahn Hero117945
LittleAnabola Hero235890
ArgolQuichGuardian Ace10295
ArgolQuichCloseGuardian Ace11035
LazuwadianSoldier Ace13610
CrawlerRexProtector Ace10032
SnatcherRexProtector Ace12540
VafferRexProtector Ace12540
LavaGuardian Ace10295
LavaCloseGuardian Ace11035
Researcher Deadlime Ace19578
ChiefResearcher Smith Champion29367
Contaminated Researcher Champion32630
CoraNuclearWeapon Champion18150
BellatoNuclearWeapon Champion18150
Greater Warm Boss2613100
BigFoot Clan Boss2613100
Volcanic Ash Boss2613100
Chief Researcher John F Carter Boss2613100
Vindictive Spirit of Princess Lo Boss2613100
Wing Box Ace14305
Deathmose Champion30620
Hella Wing Champion31280
Elvin War Cannival Elite62560
Forehand Runner Elite62560
Rock Twizer Elite62560
Obelisk Elite63260
Flame Eater Champion31630
Elvin Riding Lunker Elite64580
Evin War Splinter Champion32290
High Elf Ranger Champion32630
Metal Elf Sniper Ace16315
Great Block Hero97890
Vafer Sharman Champion32630
High Elf Guardner Elite66600
High Elf Sumerner Ace16650
Metal Elf Assasin Champion33300
Metal Elf Destroyer Elite66600
High Elf Assaulter Elite94164
High Elf Druide Champion33630
High Elf Tamer Elite67260
High Elf Demolisher Champion33630
Metal Elf Mechanic Master Champion33630
Metal Elf Shield Guard Champion33630
Metal Elf Warload Hero144102
High Elf Archer Champion26580
High Elf Warlock Ace14125
Vafer Sharman Boss2182320
Crawler Soul Normal15640
Crawler wounded Champion138050
Elvin Riding Lunker Ace13105
Elvin War Cannival Ace13105
High Elf Sorceress Normal2761
Dead Metal Elf Assasin Champion28610
Metal Elf Gunner Champion37193
Metal Elf Archer Champion38506
Metal Elf Berserker Boss3061060
Metal Elf Mechanic master Normal17820
Dead High Elf Ranger Champion30620
High Elf Arc Maji Champion30620
Dead Eldi Croche Boss3173050
Metal Elf Warload Normal17820
Ice Bogy Bolt Elite65260
Fire Bogy Bolt Elite65260
Snatcher Diviner Elite65260
Sealed Belphegor Boss2760320
Sealed Teledun Boss2182320
Sealed Hora Blade Pawn Boss2251600
Sealed Taraven Boss2601720
Sealed Hora Baal Hamon Guard Boss3061060
Sealed Calliana Queen Boss3173050
Sealed Soul Cinder Boss2858700
Sealed Dagon Boss2251600
Sealed Dagan Boss2251600
Sealed Flame Draco Boss2472400
Sealed Belphegor Guard Normal17320
Sealed Hora Blade Pawn Guard Normal16650
Sealed Taraven Guard Normal17155
Sealed Hora Baal Hamon Guard Normal17820
Sealed Calliana Archer Normal17820
Sealed Soul Cinder Guard Normal17660
Sealed Dagon Guard Normal16650
Cloned Sandworm Normal1654
Cloned Vafer Sly Normal1762
Cloned Carnival Normal1710
Cloned Splinter Brat Normal1762
Cloned Armed Ghost Normal1866
Cloned CrawlerMaul Normal1866
Cloned Robust Lava Ace9535
Cloned Naid Heller Ace9535
Cloned Brutal Normal2120
Cloned Anabola Cyst Ace11035
Cloned King Tweezer Ace11035
Cloned Meat Clode Ace11035
Cloned Snatcher Rex Normal2301
Cloned Crawler Rex Normal2301
Cloned Vafer Rex Normal2301
Cloned Grave Lapise Ace12255
Cloned Volcanic Grumble Ace12255
Cloned Volcanic Lava Ace12255
Cloned Assasin BuilderA Ace13105
Cloned Brutal Ace10800
Cloned Brulta Ace10800
Sealed teledeon Guard Normal16650
Sealed Dagan Guard Normal16650
Sealed Flame Draco Guard Normal16815
Metal Elf Assasin Boss2760320
Metal Elf Gunner Normal17320
Cloned Heavy Scud Ace13290
Cloned Burn Ash Champion27220
Cloned Big Horn Cannivals Ace34513
Cloned Red Fanged Lunker Champion56500
Cloned Fang Splinter Elite57220
Cloned Blue Scale Klan Elite58520
Cloned Hook Brutal Elite59240
Cloned Red Haired Splinter Hero90810
Cloned Tyrant Lizard Hero91860
Cloned Thunder Lizard Hero93840
Giant Cannival Boss281180
Heavy Rigor Lapise Boss410400
Captain Lion Bolcoff Boss2058600
Captain Siris Gale Boss2058600
Captain Trashue Boss2058600
Intruder Holy Chandra Normal63260
Holy Crystal Hero1772250
WingBox Hero1423350
Tombstone Hidden Soldier Elite129160
Bloody Warlock Elite129160
Eigen Striker Elite129160
Tombstone Berserker Hero244725
Bloody Templer Hero244725
Eigen Assaulter Hero244725
Bloody Heller Wing Boss938400
Heller Wing Guard Normal31280
Kukra Vafer Warrior Ace40788
Narum Crawler Suppression SoldieNovajan Vafer Sharman Champion32630
Novajan Vafer Sharman Champion65260
Inferno Block Guard Normal32630
Cremle Snatcher Archer Champion33300
Kukra Vafer Berserker Champion33300
Narum Crawler Commander Elite59940
Cremle Snatcher Commander Elite66600
Kukra Vafer Commander Elite67260
Cremle Snatcher Magician Elite67260
Novajan Crawler Soul Hero100890
Cremle Snatcher Battalion CommanNarum Crawler Battalion Command Hero113223
Narum Crawler Battalion CommandeKukra Vafer Battalion Commander Hero113223
Kukra Vafer Battalion Commander Hero113223
Inferno Block Boss1372400
Holy Elf Summoner Ace34310
Holy Elf Druid Champion34310
Dark Elf Demolisher Champion68620
HoraInferno Block Guard Normal34310
Dark Elf Shield Guard Champion34640
Dark Elf Mechanic Master Champion34640
Dark Elf Assassin Elite62352
Holy Elf Magician Elite76208
Holy Elf Sosuris Elite70640
Dark Elf Gunner Elite70640
Dark Elf Berserker Hero105960
Dark Elf Knight Hero105960
Holy Elf Knight Hero105960
Holy Elf Royal Guard Hero116556
HoraInferno Block Boss1425600
Chuty Normal19342320
HugeBeacon Normal19342320
Frenzy Iron Patroller Ace20178
Novajan Iron Patroller Champion51465
Blackbox Normal26904
Frenzy Sentinel Brader Champion50445
Novajan Sentinel Blader Elite68620
Frenzy Sentinel Shooter Champion50445
Novajan Sentinel Shooter Elite68620
Eldycloche Boss1832500
Eldycloche Boss1796
Crawler Ghost Champion51465
Novajan Crawler Ghost Elite69280
Snatcher Ghost Champion51465
Novajan Snatcher Ghost Elite69280
Frenzy Metal Fly Hound Champion51465
Novajan Metal Fly Hound Elite69280
Adult Iron Patroller Champion34640
Elven Iron Patroller Elite211920
Illusion Vafer Ghost Boss1089600
Illusion vafer Ghost Boss1780
Novajan Vafer Ghost Elite98896
Frenzy Necro Metalion Champion34640
Novajan Necro Metalion Elite98896
Luo Regnum Boss1746
Vafer Magician Champion50445
Frenzy Betrayer Vafer Magician Elite68620
Novajan Vafer Magician Hero103920
Crawler Priest Champion51465
Frenzy Betrayer Crawler Priest Elite69280
Novajan Crawler Priest Hero158940
Snatcher Magician Champion34640
Frenzy Betrayer Snatcher Magicia Elite98896
Novajan Snatcher Magician Hero85536
Frenzy Strider Champion34640
Novajan Strider Elite98896
Metal Eater Champion51465
Novajan Metal Eater Elite69280
Caliana Hire Hero77247
Caliana Cruel Champion28250
Caliana Atren Champion28250
Caliana Hunter Champion28250
Assassin BuilderV Champion22888
Passer Alpah Mu Champion24849
Passer Beta Mu Champion24849
Hovo Rover Revert Champion24849
Hovo Cutter Revert Champion27610
Turncoat Advanturer Commander Hero63567
Turncoat Wizard Commander Hero63567
Turncoat Graser Commander Hero187680
Turncoat Striker Captain Boss938400
Turncoat Striker Captain Guard Normal6256
Turncoat Holy Chandra Captain Boss938400
Turncoat Shield Miler Captain Normal6256
Turncoat Shield Miler Captain Boss938400
Turncoat Shield Miler Captain Normal6256
Crawler Ghost Soldier Ace32630
Snatcher Ghost Soldier Ace32630
Vafer Ghost Soldier Ace32630
Black Mite War Beast Ace15135
hook Big Brulta Champion64580
Strong Hive Marr Ace23460
Big Sting Host Marr Champion31630
Strong Queen Hive Marr Elite96870
Eternal dark swamp Demolis Boss1130150
Eternal dark swamp Demolis Normal6458
Eternal dark swamp scales Clan Boss1130150
Eternal dark swamp scales Clan G Normal6458
Blue Dark Demolis Hero113868
Cremle Snatcher Soldier Ace20560
Cremle Snatcher apprenticeship a Ace20560
Cremle Snatcher Guard Ace20560
Narum Crawler Soldier Ace20560
Narum Crawler Guard Ace23723
Red Fang Lunker Elite50048
Red Haired Splinter Elite63260
Fanged SplinterKing Hero125931
Raked Draco king Elite65260
Fierce bighorn Carnnibal Boss999000
Fierce bighorn Carnnibal Guard Normal3996
Fierce Black Crow warbeast Boss999000
Fierce black crow warbeast guard Normal3996
Red haired Splinterking Boss978900
Red haired splinterking guard Normal3916
Big Raked Draco Boss790750
Big Raked Draco Guard Normal4745
Mutant Whiten Champion19000
Rage siecle Ace11400
King Mutant Whiten Hero131940
Mutant Trooper Elite94432
Spector Junior Ace10600
Spector Champion5600
Izen Block Elite146600
Dark sign Unit executor Champion73300
Dark Sign Unit Launcher Elite149320
Dark Sign Unit Commander Hero316260
Izen Crasher Boss2033000
Dark Sign Boss2500200
Glasher Hellar Elite92664
Flow Hellar Champion15800
Prince Hellar Hero250608
Dust Phantom Ace51465
Dust Athrobe Ace51465
Sentinel BladerGuard Normal17155
Covenant Bolade Ace120085
Covenant Firebolt Ace85775
Dust Metal Hound Champion242480
Covenant Hellawing Ace121240
Flame Inferno Guard Normal17320
Dust Iron Patroller Champion176600
Covenant Flameeater Champion176600
Rapid RockTwizer Elite494480
Doom Crasherguard Normal17660
Covenant forehand runner Elite356400
Rapid Deathmoss Elite356400
Demon Curian Guard Normal178200
Sentinel Blader Boss2542400
Flame Inferno Boss1816000
Demon Curian Boss2565500
Doom Crasher Boss2613100
Big Uyle Boss3510
Beacon Normal948900
Santa Chooty Normal948900
Giant Walnut Normal948900
Beacon Normal948900
Chooty Normal948900
Baal Hamon, the Legend Boss1715500
Rage Rock Jaw Boss1732000
Shining Eldi Croche Boss3061060
Cruel Black Crow Warbeast Normal8000
Cruel Black Crow Splinter Normal8000
Cruel Black Crow Carnivore Normal8000
Jetso Fan Anabola Normal8000
Jetso's Haunted Demolisher Ace10000
Jetso's Haunted Splinter Ace10000
Jetso's Haunted Villain Carnivor Ace10000
Jetso Fan Captain Anabola Ace10000
Jetso's Low King Tweezer Champion17000
Jetso's Low Red-Mained Splinter Champion17000
Jetso Fan Manager Burrowed Champion17000
Jetso's Mid Volcanic Demolisher Elite240000
Jetso's Mid Elven War Carnivore Elite240000
Jetso's Mid War Splinter Elite240000
Jetso's Eternal Dark Demolisher Hero360000
Jetso's Rapid Rock Tweezer Hero360000
Jetso Junior Hero360000
Revived Jetso Boss3600000
Regular Army Vafer Warrior Champion26400
Regular Army Teledun Warrior Champion26400
Regular Army Vafer Rex Champion26400
Regular Army Crawler Rex Champion26400
Regular Army Snatcher Rex Champion26400
Crawler Axe Soldier Champion21000
Teledun Warrior Champion21000
Snatcher Sniper Champion21000
Snatcher Archer Champion21000
NCO Sorcerer Snatcher Elite240000
NCO Crawler Chief Priest Elite240000
Junior Kukra Attack Captain Elite240000
Junior Crawler Supporter Elite240000
Junior Snatcher Attacker Elite240000
Novazan Snatcher Strategist Hero360000
Novazan Vafer Informant Hero360000
Novazan Vafer Suppressor Hero360000
Novazan Vafer Shaman Hero360000
Novazan Crawler 1st Captain Boss3600000
Novazan Vafer 2nd Captain Boss3600000
Novazan Snatcher 3rd Captain Boss3600000
Blood Axe Fort Commander Boss5400000
Bloodtwig Ent Boss2078400
Adult Flym Boss1545000
Colossal Leprechaun Normal22