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As Dedication to RF Online Communities, RFDB can help promote your RF Online Character IGN (Montage or gameplay clip in your YouTube channel) by embed it in our site // weapon, armor, accessories pages (screenshot tab)

Here’s list of our best pick on YouTube that exists in our site:

Item NameRF Online Highlight
Baalzebub Flamethrower [Rare B]RF Online PlayPark – NOVUS | SWAT – Finn (Youtube/Finn) 🌟
Patron Flame Launcher [Rare D]RF Online Remastered – Cosmic – Flavio RF (YT/Flavio RF) 🌟
Nimble Red-eyed Black Tiger FangRF Online Remastered – Origin – RFDatabase (youtube/rfdatabase) 🌟
Baalzebub Flamethrower [Rare D]RF Online Remastered – Cosmic – xShin (youtube/HFFDX) πŸ”₯
Patron Siege Bow [Rare D]RF Online Remastered – PVP – PeviTapir (youtube/Nearby Channel
Patron Lance [Rare D]RF Online Remastered – Alpha – DylandPROS (Youtube/@Dyland Maximus) 🌟
Leon’s Black Lance (High)RF Online Remastered – Origin – Arck (Ξ›Π―CK) 🌟
Divine Bulova [Rare D]RF Online Remastered – Origin – Kiels (Youtube/Bagas Production)
Divine Gatling [Rare D]RF Online Remastered – Origin – Paddy [Youtube/Jo Project]
Selene Bulova [Rare D]RF Online Remastered – Origin – HanSolo [YT/Mas Dibe]
Advanced Saint Flame Launcher [Rare D]RF Online Remastered – Cosmic – SALAH (YT/@ivano h) 🌟
FS-666 Nine HellRF Classic – YgrgamingT (Youtube/GR gaming)
Intense Hora AkeronRF Classic – NeoPrime (Youtube/vinsen) 🌟
CerberusRF Classic – Shiron (Youtube/Vinsen) 🌟
Stargazer RingRF Online PlayPark – ProfB (Youtube/Prof B) πŸ”₯
Sleek Red-Eyes Black Tiger Head [Ranger]RF Online Remastered – Origin – RFDatabase (youtube/rfdatabase) πŸ”₯
Ancient Pliant Headset ORF Online Remastered – MasDibe (youtube/MasDibe)


🌟 = Cinematic (Montage)

πŸ”₯ = Upgrade / Crafting / Combination

Last update 07 Jan 2024

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