Talic Upgrader Simulation

The most important resources found in Novus are the Talics: Crystalized halomental stones used to improve battle efficiency of the races of Novus. These talics are acquired randomly through processing ores acquired through Mining. There are different kinds of talics that each serve it’s unique purpose.

You can upgrade your weapons to get higher ability :

Talic ImageTalic NameAttributeUpgrade Simulation
Ignorant Talic / Keen TalicIncreases attack power (weapons)
Chaos TalicIncreases critical rate (weapons)
Destruction TalicConvert x % of damage to HP (weapons)
Mercy TalicIncreases dodge rate (shoes)
Favor TalicIncreases defense power (armors)
Darkness TalicDecreases target’s ability to block with a shield (gloves)
Grace TalicIncreases accuracy
Hatred TalicIncreases the weapon’s attack range (long range weapons)
Wisdom TalicReduces chance of your buffs to be cancelled. (helmet)
Sacred fire TalicAdds resistance to FireNot available
Belief TalicAdds resistance to WaterNot available
Guard TalicAdds resistance to EarthNot available
Glory TalicAdds resistance to WindNot available
Restoration TalicRemoves one upgrade at a time. Talic will be placed in inventory. 100% Success, no need for gems.Not available
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