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Ancient Elven Bow

Type : Bow
Required Level: 25
Race : All races
Required Skill : RangedSkill 1
Durability : No limitation
Ammo : Bow
Attack : 2526 – 4858
Force Attack : 0 – 0
Element : None
Special Effects : None
Trade : Impossibility
Description : Weapons used by the Ancient Metal Elves. During exploration, the Metal Elves were guided by Holymental and travelled all the way to Crag Mine. It has been told in Legend that they dropped these items as they were slaughtered by the Holystone Keeper

Sell to NPCTrade to PlayerDrop to groundStore to bank
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ImageItem NameWeapon LevelMin ~ Max AtkMin ~ Max Atk ForceSpecial Effects
Ancient Elven Bow252526 - 48580 - 0None
Not Upgradeable.
Screenshot not found.