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Baalzebub Grenade Launcher [Rare B]

TypeThrowing unit
Required Level75
Hand(s) UsedTwo handed
RaceAccretia Empire
Required SkillNone
AmmoGrenade Launcher D
DurabilityNo limitation
Attack6810 - 9571
Force Attack0 - 0
Special EffectsNone


Used with rockets. Accretia only

Trade to PlayerSell to NPCDrop to groundStore to bank
YesYes Yes Yes

Screenshot not found

Hidden Elven War Splinter Champion
Hidden High Elf Ranger Champion
Hidden Hora Bloody Hellar Wing Boss
Hidden High Elf Guardian Elite
Hidden High Elf Druid Champion
Hidden High Elf Tamer Elite
Hidden High Elf Assaulter Elite
Hidden Holy Elf Druid Champion
Hidden Hora Blade Pawn Boss
Hidden High Elf Warlock Elite
Hidden High Elf Sorceress Elite
Hidden Holy Elf Magician Elite
Hidden High Elf Archer Elite
Hidden High Elf Knight Hero

Crafting WeaponCrafting Weapon

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