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Patron Magic Cane [Rare B]

Required Level70
Hand(s) UsedTwo handed
RaceBellato Union, Holy Alliance Cora
Required SkillForceSkill GM
DurabilityNo limitation
Attack315 - 408
Force Attack5130 - 7705
Special EffectsNone


Required weapon to use attack type Force. Close range attack is available.

Trade to PlayerSell to NPCDrop to groundStore to bank
YesYes Yes Yes

Screenshot not found

Novazan Crawler 1st Captain Boss
Novazan Vafer 2nd Captain Boss
Novazan Snatcher 3rd Captain Boss
Blood Axe Fort Commander Boss
Gill Zaitsev Boss
Tempest Black Knight Hero
Tempest Machinery Hero
Tempest Striker Elite
Tempest Graizer Elite
Tempest Armsman Elite
Tempest Infiltrator Elite
Tempest Archer Elite
Tempest Flem Normal
Tempest Patroller Ace
Tempest Stingbug Normal
Tempest Cannon Champion
Hidden Elven War Splinter Champion
Hidden High Elf Ranger Champion
Hidden Hora Bloody Hellar Wing Boss
Hidden High Elf Guardian Elite
Hidden High Elf Druid Champion
Hidden High Elf Tamer Elite
Hidden High Elf Assaulter Elite
Hidden Holy Elf Druid Champion
Hidden Hora Blade Pawn Boss
Hidden High Elf Warlock Elite
Hidden High Elf Sorceress Elite
Hidden Holy Elf Magician Elite
Hidden High Elf Archer Elite
Hidden High Elf Knight Hero
Hidden High Elf Royal Guard Hero
Hidden Holy Elf Royal Guard Hero

Crafting WeaponCrafting Weapon

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