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Sealed Armor Killer

Type : Axe
Required Level: 50
Race : All races
Required Skill : Close rangeSkill 68
Durability : No limitation
Attack : 2381 – 3348
Force Attack : 0 – 0
Element : None
Special Effects : None
Trade : Possibility
Description : Bellato armour killer troops symbolic weapon. Bellato made this to focus power onto one point to destroy Accretian armour. It is made out of hatred of the Bellato towards the Accretians. This is sold undercover at many places.

Sell to NPCTrade to PlayerDrop to groundStore to bank
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ImageItem NameWeapon LevelMin ~ Max AtkMin ~ Max Atk ForceSpecial EffectsMaterialObtained from
Sealed Armor Killer502381 - 33480 - 0None-Events
Not Upgradeable
Armor Killer
Sealed Armor Killer on RF Online.