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Sealed M-72 Dark Bullet

Type : Firearm
Required Level: 50
Race : All races
Required Skill : Ranged Skill 68
Durability : No limitation
Attack : 1675 – 3318
Force Attack : 0 – 0
Element : None
Special Effects : None
Trade : Possibility
Description : Close order weapon for silent shots carried by the infantry troops in Cora Equite no.4. It has fine details and produces the least noise among this type of Rifles. It s faster in use due to its stronger powder chamber.

Sell to NPCTrade to PlayerDrop to groundStore to bank
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ImageItem NameWeapon LevelMin ~ Max AtkMin ~ Max Atk ForceSpecial EffectsMaterialObtained from
Sealed M-72 Dark Bullet501675 - 33180 - 0None-Events
Not Upgradeable
Screenshot not found.