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Valkyrie for a returnee

Type : Bow
Required Level: 45
Race : All races
Required Skill : Ranged Skill 68
Durability : No limitation
Attack : 2040 – 3937
Force Attack : 0 – 0
Element : None
Cast : Ensnare
Special Effects : Weapon for returnee. will be disappeared after 7 days.
Trade : Impossibility
Description : Limited edition made by Bellato master hand Murena. It has endurance that can repeatedly shoot high quality Beam Cell. However, it requires high level for users. When conveying it into the HQ, many of them were lost. It has M initial at the body.

Sell to NPCTrade to PlayerDrop to groundStore to bank
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ImageItem NameWeapon LevelMin ~ Max AtkMin ~ Max Atk ForceSpecial EffectsMaterialObtained from
Valkyrie for a returnee452040 - 39370 - 0All resistance 30.00 % Increase--
Not Upgradeable
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