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Sleek Red-Eyes Black Tiger Head [Ranger]

Required Level40
RaceAccretia Empire
Required SkillRangedSkill 37
DurabilityNo limitation
Avg. Def. Pwr.8056
Avg. Def. Range5.00
Defense Success Rate701
ElementFire 5, Water 5, Earth 5, Wind 5
Special EffectsMax HP 14% Increase
Increase 14% Increase of all attack
9 Increase damage avoidance increase
Critical probability 9.00 increase

Red Tiger HeadRed Tiger Cape

Increase 6% Increase of all attack
Max HP/FP 7% Increase


A helmet with the energy of a brave black tiger to celebrate the Year of the Black Tiger.

Trade to PlayerSell to NPCDrop to groundStore to bank
YesYes Yes Yes

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