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Master’s Large Gift

TypeBox Item


Large gift box given when gem is delievered to gem collecting monster. It can be exchanged with glowing gem.

Trade to PlayerSell to NPCDrop to groundStore to bank
YesYes Yes Yes

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ImageItem NameQuantityChance
Large EmptyBox146.63%
High-Grade Talic Master319.99%
Angel's Crystal11.30%
Salamander's Ruby11.30%
Land's Topaz11.30%
Truth's Obsidian11.30%
Master's Small Gift201.30%
Master's Gift41.30%
Recovery Item B11.30%
Recovery Item B11.30%
Recovery Item B11.30%
Master's Gift41.30%
Master's Gift41.30%
Master's Small Gift201.30%
Master's Small Gift201.30%
Intense Tower Axe10.90%
Intense Beam Gun Bow10.90%
Intense Vulcan10.90%
Intense Sickle Knife10.90%
Intense Missile Launcher10.90%
Intense Beam Great Maul10.90%
Intense Field Lance10.90%
Intense Sickle Staff10.90%
Intense Spadona10.90%
Intense Hora Axe10.90%
Intense Hora Bow10.90%
Intense Hora Faust10.90%
Intense Hora Vulcan10.90%
Intense Hora Knife10.90%
Intense Hora Hammer10.90%
Intense Hora Spear10.90%
Intense Hora Staff10.90%
Intense Hora Sword10.90%
Master's Gift40.01%
Master's Gift40.01%
Master's Gift40.01%
Master's Gift40.01%
Elemental Pliant Headset10.01%
Elemental Hue Headset10.01%
Elemental Power Headset10.01%
Elemental Spirit Appendix10.01%
Elemental Mind Appendix10.01%
Elemental Tomb AppendixA10.01%
Elemental Mild Earring10.01%
Elemental Cus Earring10.01%
Elemental Glow Earring10.01%
Elemental Dan EarringA10.01%
Elemental Pliant Bracer10.01%
Elemental Hue Bracer10.01%
Elemental Power Bracer10.01%
Elemental Mighty BraceletA10.01%
Elemental Spirit Wristlet10.01%
Elemental Mind Wristlet10.01%
Elemental Ell Wristlet10.01%
Elemental Tomb LisletA10.01%
Elemental Mild Armlet10.01%
Elemental Cus Armlet10.01%
Elemental Dan ArmletA10.01%
Recovery Item C10.01%
Recovery Item C10.01%
Recovery Item B10.01%

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